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Marjan Van Aubel

Marjan Van Aubel designed the latest collection for Swarovski Crystal Palace. The Dutch designer is the youngest partner with whom Swarovski Crystal Palace has ever collaborated. Her innovative design blends scientific precision with sensory responsiveness and won her a host of prestigious prizes, including being named as “Designer of the Future” by Swarovski at Design Miami 2017.
What was your inspiration for the new collection?
It was a continuation of the pieces we did for Art Basel, so it´s basically expanding our previous work. We were using solar crystals and aesthetics to make functionality more beautiful and efficient. The power crystals function similarly to how the sky works–how the light bends into the crystals. A variety of blue and red lights come from the Cyanometer, a tool that measures the blueness of the sky. An addition is that you can also intensify the artificial light with natural sunlight.
How was the collaboration with our designers and engineers during your visits to Wattens?
Amazing. They are keen on working together and it seems like everything is possible. We share a great passion about lights and crystals. Everybody has always been super helpful and I feel very welcome there.
Marjan Van Aubel
Did our experts influence your designs?
The team there calculated how to cut the crystals and see how they can bend the light onto solar panels. But they not only supported us a lot during the engineering part of the project, they also came up with the idea of manufacturing lenses direct to light onto surfaces.
What is so fascinating about working with crystals?
We´re celebrating the physics here! Your tool is basically light and everything you can get out of it. To see how all of this happens in those tiny little pieces fascinates me.
What else is there to come?
Any plans?
Focusing on the future, we´re talking about an app to power light. Swarovski and me both being visionaries makes this a very prosperous partnership.