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Shimmer Effect

A nexus of nuanced light to accentuate movement
A nexus of nuanced light to accentuate movement.

Swarovski’s Shimmer effect features three scintillating shades of one single color which, when combined, emanate nuanced light to accentuate even the tiniest movement. Since the intricate surface allows a maximum of light to penetrate the crystal, it is supremely suited to lighting environments where luminosity is imperative. At the same time, the effect’s inherent decorative quality makes it the perfect choice for more extravagant settings.

Vivacious, glamorous, extroverted, the Shimmer effect is an expert at drawing attention to itself. Extremely durable, the Shimmer effect is now available across selected sizes of standard lighting components such as the Pear shape, Hexagon Star, and Octagon Lily (which also comes in Light Topaz Shimmer, Antique Green Shimmer, Medium Sapphire Shimmer, Violet Shimmer, and Light Peridot Shimmer).

It’s an innovation that introduces even more vibrancy and light-refractive potential to the current assortment. Custom Shimmer effects are available on request.

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